The best Travel Service

The best Travel Service

The best Travel ServiceThe best Travel ServiceThe best Travel Service

Let's book the vacation of your dreams!

The best Travel Service

The best Travel Service

The best Travel ServiceThe best Travel ServiceThe best Travel Service

Let's book the vacation of your dreams!

About Us

Chalo holidays


Got Inspired of our team Experiences for traveling between this two countries, INDIA and INDONESIA, So we do know the way how to travel in the best way depends of people preferences,  And We got the Brand "Chalo Holidays" because it' sounds easy to remember and also Unique, so that people can find us easily.  SANDY BEACHES TO SNOWY PEAKS, Yeah the tagline is for travelling to explore the nature.

Culture heritage


Join the party at the worlds DESTINATIONS


Give yourself a Holiday!! Chaloholiday..



Additional Information


We know the business of travel and holiday management!
At Chalo Holidays, We offer dependability, unwavering commitment to customer service, and better travel and holiday products with a great network of partners and suppliers both locally INDIA, INDONESIA and around the world.

We pride ourselves with:

  • Professionalism
    Our people are certified travel professionals. Every staff undergoes extensive customer service and quality assurance training.
  • Service
    Customers are important to us and every inquiry is attended to immediately.
  • Quality
    Our tour products are quality-assured, with unbeatable value. explore india travel service explore indonesia



 We look beyond the horizon to anticipate change. We’re passionate about what we do and shaping the next generation of holiday travel. 


 We’re creative, and we love offering travel in new ways. With a genuinely talented group of people, great products and open minds, and customers seeking unique vacation packages, we just can’t help ourselves. 


 We deliver what we promise, and only promise what we can deliver. We do what we say with warmth, humour, and a great deal of thought. That’s why people enjoy working with us! 


 Travel isn’t just about good itinerary, great accommodation and nice meal. It’s what we do for people with them that counts. Simply put, we like making people happy – whether they’re colleagues, customers or partners. 


 We aim to always exceed our goals and the expectations of our customers, our colleagues and our shareholders. We build our human resources by giving exciting opportunities to our own people and bringing onbroad new people whose skills enhance and expand our already strong base. We’re committed to growing our travel footprint together with our customers. 


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Meet the Team

Fitri Anelia Nuranda - Travel Consultant (Indonesia)


A night dreamer and a passionate lover of the Himalayas, Fitri Anelia Nuranda has a lot to tell about her never ending solo expeditions.  

Nothing can stop you from pursuing your dreams if you are determined to achieve it.  An Indonesian by birth, but Indian by Heart.

Currently residing in Jakarta.

Q'ney Wen (Tour partner - bali)


I am your host when you are at Bali. As a Balinese, it's my responsibility to take care of my guests. when you are in my hometown. So, Selamat datang (Welcome) ke Bali.

Mithun S - Travel consultant (India)


A Daydreamer with lots of solo travel experience in many countries. One of my best destinations was Indonesia. Professionally engineer but passionate about travelling which made me to start this startup. 

India is my first home while Indonesia is second